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Digital Marketing | What Google Searches Can Tell Us?



January 10, 2021

Many of us have been wondering about what is happening around the world during this coronavirus pandemic, we feel that the world requires us to adapt to the unexpected events that we are experiencing. Because of this, many companies have been forced to react quickly and come up with services that work for new customer needs. One of the questions we need to ask ourselves, as digital marketing agencies, is what is people searching on Google. Which things do they need? What does the new world need? Which services can we offer you? That is why, the search and analysis of keywords are vital in our strategy, since they will allow you to discover what things are desired, needed and how often.

How a Digital Marketing Agency Choose The Right Keywords?

Your Google campaign should be based on all the elements that make up your brand. In other words, consider that you must specify each keyword since this is what will lead you to success. Consider the following in your digital marketing strategy:

• Choose Brand Keywords that identify your brand precisely.

• Select Generic Keywords that contain the exact information of your product or service.

• Use Related Keywords that are indirectly related to your brand

1. Filter and check the latest marketing trends in Google Search, Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping, and YouTube Search.

2. To compare keywords and topics, do this search in different languages, locations, and periods to use the most relevant data for your SEO strategy.

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