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What Is the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing?



March 1, 2021

It’s very usual to get confused between the terms advertising and marketing. Some people even think that they are the same thing called by different names. Both have a lot of similarities, but the truth is that they are two completely distinct concepts.

In a society where every internet user is constantly exposed to thousands of products simultaneously, modern business requires both advertising and marketing to stand out and engage as many customers as possible. Not knowing the difference between these two can be real trouble for the future of your company.

Marketing, the big picture

Here is where most of the problems begin. Many think that marketing is just the different actions that a brand makes to get more customers. We´ll see that this isn’t wholly true. It is a complex process in which a company identifies its customers’ needs and designs strategies to tell them that some determined products need to fulfill these needs.

Inside these strategies include market research, media planning, public relations, community relations, customer support, sales strategies, and advertising. Each can be done individually, but if they’re not aligned into a strong marketing strategy with a clear message and audience, it’ll be a wasted effort.

The one that stands out

We’ve seen that advertising is just one part of a big scheme. The confusion is created because this part of the strategy is the one that has the most significant impact on the targeted audience and is how customers tend to remember the brand.

Advertising is all the company’s actions to place its message in a determined place that may be physical or digital.  These ‘Ads’ have clear objectives like promoting new products, improving the brand’s perception, creating a need in the customer, retaining the existing customers or creating new ones, etc.

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