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Social Media Marketing | Let’s Talk About LinkedIn For Business



May 2, 2021

Social media marketing is essential to increase the visibility of your company. In particular, LinkedIn Business has a professional and academic audience oriented to a specific type of communication.

For example, if you have a company that provides courses or training, this network is perfect for you! But what if you have a product sales company? If you can take advantage of the tools it offers, you can transform the direction in the marketing strategy to attract a different audience.

Do you want to know what benefits you can get with LinkedIn? Join us!

Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn for business, what is it? It is a platform that has increasingly gained prominence in the development of proposals to attract new customers.

Any business that wants to have a digital presence shouldn’t leave LinkedIn aside as there it can engage in a diversified conversation with other market segments.

Within a digital strategy, there can be several proposals that cover different digital platforms. If the idea is to work valuable content in conjunction with the company’s image, LinkedIn cannot be ignored.

The Social Media Marketing plan you are carrying out must take into account this expanding digital platform.

LinkedIn as a marketing tool

Although at the beginning it functioned as a job board, LinkedIn very quickly became a digital platform where both professionals and recruiters can interact with each other, and the companies can gain notoriety and relevance from another point.

Do you know how many users this platform has? Currently, there are more than 400 million active users. That includes companies, corporations, freelancers, and employees who participate as a result of the feeling of belonging to the company of which they are part.

LinkedIn, used from Social Media Marketing, is not only seen by its users as a tool made to work on the image of the brand but also a space that allows research and analysis of the market through active social listening, the debates that arise from the publications and the monitoring of profiles of a specific item.

This can be very useful if you consider that the results of these actions can allow you to follow trends, know the opinions of customers or employees, and create a complete database with users who share such interests.

Social Media Marketing: SMART objectives

When creating a LinkedIn strategy, you should think about achieving as many results as possible. How do we do it? Keeping SMART goals in mind.

When we talk about SMART objectives we talk about goals that meet the following characteristics: they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant in a given period of time. Once we define these objectives, it is time to think about how to approach and achieve them!

For this, it is essential to create your LinkedIn business page. Remember to include a good description of the activity, invite your employees to advertise that they work here, and pay attention to trends that emerge on the platform. For example, surveys are very well received on this social network and are a great way to interact with our new audience.

It’s time to create valuable content!

Once we have the networks ready to connect and upload content, it is time to generate it. Keep in mind that this is not only going to be a nail for your company to gain notoriety, but it also allows you to add value to your audience and help it grow organically and gradually. The perfect social media marketing that you have been waiting for!

That is why at Rubik Web we execute the best content marketing. . We take advantage of all the available information that your company can generate to turn it into material that promotes and consolidates your brand image.

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