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Creative Digital Agencies Are The Best



May 12, 2021


Should I get a creative agency? Should it be a digital agency? Which one is cheaper? Which can help me with my website? What should I do? Don’t worry. You don’t have to choose. Creative digital agencies are here for you. Yes, now you can put some creativity into your online platforms. With this, your brand will shine either on social media or on a website of your own. But these agencies represent more than the sum of their parts. Do you want to know what they exactly mean? Keep reading because we are going to talk about it.

What are they?

You could say that creative agencies also provide web services. Any agency can get into the Internet. Every single person with a computer and online connection can get into the Internet. But the difference is that not everyone can use these resources to obtain vital information, interpret it and apply strategies. Yes, this last thing is what digital agencies do, but what happens when you get to the strategy part? Of course, it’s time to be creative. 

Creative digital agencies offer more than just logo and banner designs and more than just search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. They are meant to think outside the box, to apply creative thinking to the particular formats of online applications and networks. Think of Pop-ups, Instagram stories, customized direct mailing, and so many more tools that are endemic of an online environment. How can we take advantage of those formats? What are the most exciting strategies that will blow our audience’s minds? These are the kind of questions that creative digital agencies are constantly asking. 

Integral teams

The great thing about creative digital agencies is that their teams are full of experts in many different fields. Designers, writers, influencers, mathematicians, and marketing strategists work together to bring the best they can through their specific abilities. You can imagine how crazy and diverse their offices are. “Two heads can think better than one” they say. But imagine that these heads think entirely different things. So many perspectives make digital agencies integral companies that bring essential solutions for your real problems.


As we said, it is more than the sum of parts. When combining the talent from designers and copywriters with digital analysts and strategists, you open up more options than when having separated creative and digital agencies. First of all, it is cheaper. It is no surprise that having one single agency doing two jobs is more affordable than having two agencies doing one job each. Many would take a creative digital agency just because of that, but besides, they do a better job. Internal communication in a single company is more efficient than between different ones. 

For example, a creative design might design an corporate identity manual that establishes a specific voice for the brand. But the digital agency might find out that the voice of the brand includes some words that have a lot of competence within search engines. That would make it harder to find this brand in Google. 

A single creative digital agency could prepare the SEO keyword planning before determining the brand voice to be unique and adequate to the company’s needs.

There you go. Those are the reasons why we recommend getting to work with a creative digital agency. Always be sure first to know their work and if they are compatible with what your expectations are. Remember that in Rubik Web we can provide you creative solutions as well as digital ones. Our collaborators are experts in many fields. Visit our website and contact us to learn more about them, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram!