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The Impact of Social Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic



May 12, 2021


Strange times require strange decisions, and in 2020 Social Media platforms became as crucial as physical spots to interact. The lack of places to stay together brought us to virtual spaces. Plus, we trusted the internet in order to keep on our daily life routines.

Covid 19 made us socially resilient and proved that our most profound connections are stronger than our fears. Maintaining our jobs, friendships, and families close to our hearts became a priority. Even though we had to deal with new ways of showing our affection towards them, while the first days of pandemics were ruled by uncertainty and confinement, nowadays, we rely on hope for the comeback of everyday life.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship: From Ashes to Success

Due to COVID restrictions, some SMEs (Medium and Small Entrepreneurships) had lost their physical stores. Others found new ways to get their customer’s attention. Digital marketing agencies have played a key role in helping the growth of SMEs in 2020 and 2021.

According to Facebook’s Digital Tools in Crisis and Recovery: U.S. Report, two in every five small businesses decided to advertise on social media, above other digital options. I was aiming to get more visibility of their customers and to target local traffic and orders.

Personal Connections, Are They Gone?

It’s been a year since we realized that online presence became as important as our physical interactions. According to Statista, by March 2020,  almost 30% of social media users in the United States were online for approximately 1-2 hours additional daily.

Personal and online networks used to be complimentary. Now it seems that online networking became essential. One year after the beginning of pandemics, a social media account may represent the difference between having or losing a friend or a job opportunity.

Our closer friendships became virtual. Working outside an office is now part of our daily lives. In the distance, we can hear our coworkers’ families, pets, and lives through the screen. Even though we still longing for that hug after we beat Coronavirus. Meanwhile, we still send our love and show our support to front liners and loved ones on our social media apps.

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