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Stages in Inbound Marketing



August 20, 2020

For some time now, Inbound Marketing techniques have become popular in most agencies. It has been widely recognized by advertising specialists, designers, and analysts for being an effective way to connect with users.

Surely you have wondered what the key to the success of this type of marketing is, and the answer would seem to be very obvious, but it is not. Beyond the creative content, dazzling designs, and advertising on different social networks, its essence lies in studying and analyzing in detail what consumers are looking for.

This is the trick that will allow you to find all the answers to develop a perfect strategy and content.

What are the stages of Inbound Marketing?

It is essential to keep in mind 4 stages of content development that connect your audience with your brand.

1. The first is the Awareness Stage, where customers are searching, learning, and trying to satisfy a need. At this time, you must create trust and credibility with blogs, guides, eBooks, and informative content that solves any questions they may have. You must be the expert in what they are looking for!

2. The Consideration Stage, the client evaluates the capabilities, benefits, and qualities of your products or services. So you must generate informative brand content to convince him that you are the best option. Highlight the best of your brand and create a natural bond!

3. Decision Stage, the third stage, occurs when the client has gone through the previous ones and is ready to interact with your brand. Offer them consultations, case studies, demos, or coupons to help them make the final decision. It’s up to you that they fall in love with your content!

4. Finally, we come to the Delight Stage that focuses on customer experience. This is one of the most complex steps in inbound marketing, as most people think that their work ends when the sale is closed. However, it is not only about creating new customers but about making existing ones loyal to you.

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