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Branding or Influencer Agency, What agency do you need?



May 8, 2020


Branding Agency or influencer Agency , what do you really need? and what its the real difference between them? Among of the biggest questions about the best way to promote your product, one of the most important thing to consider here is: which type of agency you will need?
These days almost every agency try to position themselves as a publicity agency, but the reality goes far away, a lot of them only have the knowledge and the experience for making a logo, its area of expertise goes far away of developing a proper marketing campaign non the least being able of showing a data analysis or giving tangible results.  

Therefore the most important thing to do first of all is to define the type of agency that you will be needing before jump yourself on any troubles.

Branding Agency is for…

According to the Cambridge dictionary the word branding can be defined as the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services. Today those standards had change, not only do we need someone that helps create or define the identity of our brand, but to serve has a direct line of communication between the brand and its customers.

What is a Branding agency?

A branding agency is the one that has the knowledge and expertise on the services that they are offering. Primarily, its mission is to help create, improve and make a brand grow. With a new brand, it will help to create and make grow the presence of the brand and serve as a line of communication with their potential customers and is leading audience.

It also serves to maintain and refresh a brand, the big brands such as Coca-Cola Company, use this type of agency constantly, in order to stay valid. The most important aspect to consider when your thinking of promoting your brand is to find an agency that has the expertise and the services that you need, and knows the way that your business work. Look for the clients that the agencies already manage, they have become what they are, thanks of the work and experience understanding the brand and what it stands for. The key is to find who can control the media that will help you reach your best audience and communicate what your brand has to say.

And so…Influencer what?

For this part it’s important to define what an influencer is and does an influencer agency does. An influencer can define as a person who´s actions influence someone else to do so, more often than now, “is a person paid by a company to show and describe his products and services on social media, encouraging other people to buy them” 

What does Influencer agency stand for?

This kind of agency is on charge of manage and find the right influencer to represent your brand. Basically they play the role of agents between the company and the influencer. While a lot of brands find unnecessary to use this type of marketing, it’s been prove to add voice, authenticity, more credibility and bigger rates to the product. The fact of seeing someone familiar to us, wearing or using the product give us a sense of confidence and allow the client to feel “intimacy” with the product, making easier for them to used, and to develop a sense of aspirational need to buy the product.

It’s important to have both?

Like we have already define before, a branding agency it´s a marketing agency that provides us with channels of analysis and communication, between our brand and the final customers. However a influencer agency it’s just one of the channels or ways we can use for communicate with our clients, therefore the bigger recommendation it’s to find and agency that has the relation with this type of agency in case we needed.

Biggest questions, simple answers

Advertising agency is the same that a branding agency?

Not entirely. Advertising agency is in charge of promoting and making a campaign for a product in specific, while the branding agency such as the name implies will project the brand entirely, the advertising agency will be promoting just a product, or a line of it. Great for using it on specific campaigns or products with goals and times defined.

Does a Influencer Agency can make an advertising campaign?

The answer is maybe a part of it. While an Influencer agency can be the best option for finding the perfect public figure for your advertising campaign, his speciality is to find the right person for your product according to your gold target and the profile of your company, Therefore in this case the most wise decision is to find a branding agency.

Cubos Web, a company that has it all

Cubos Web is a branding company, that makes the advertising of a brand as simple as a,b,c, among other values, the managing of Google Analytics that these agency provide, allow you to control and track the progress of your campaign making your progress a lot more tangible than other companies, the endless search of strategies and new ways of doing things gives them a fresh look to approach the branding from different points of view. The control and working over the numbers makes them one of the top agencies to choose.