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Top 8 creative agencies in the East Coast that you need to know




March 25, 2024

Our top creative agencies have everything you need to position your brand in the fastest and most efficient way. Learn about their services to know how they can help you and how they adapt to your needs. Find out their level of experience to know how much you can trust their judgment.

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1. Rubik Web (by ABCW)

This creative agency has a mission: to generate strategies with great boldness, without losing sight of the client’s scope. It strikes a perfect balance between originality and efficiency. That’s why in recent years it has become one of the best agencies on the East Coast.

Learn more about Rubik Web (by ABCW), the first on the list of our top creative agencies!

A Full-Service Digital Agency That Helps Brands Connect with Their Audiences

A creative marketing agency like Rubik Web helps generate a compelling digital brand identity, which helps increase the number of conversions. The main idea of ​​all its strategies is to really connect with the audience, through a comprehensive service, which includes content writing, website generation and a paid media plan.

Over 10 Years of Experience in Creating Award-Winning Websites and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Rubik Web (by ABCW) entered the creative agencies that have considerable experience in generating digital marketing strategies. Thanks to its large number of success stories, this agency has earned a name in the sector and has the ambition to go for more.

Clients Include Fortune 500 Companies and Startups Alike

Logically, based on its great success in the market, this agency has managed to carry out work for high-caliber firms, both in the public and private sectors. Their list of big-name clients is growing, and everything indicates that this trend is only beginning.

2. Inconnection (by ABCW)

Inconnection (by ABCW) is one of the best creative agencies of the moment. It is an agency that aims to cover the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, which is why it has a more than interesting market on the east coast. Learn more about its characteristics and history!

A Creative Agency That Helps Brands Build Meaningful Connections with Their Customers

By caring about knowing the needs of the target audience of this type of company, this agency creates a powerful bond between its clients and their respective audience. In this way, it contributes to much more efficient lead generation, creating great growth potential.

Experts in Branding, Storytelling, and Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Thanks to its clear vision of digital marketing, Inconnection (by ABCW) generates campaigns that truly identify customers, using all available communication channels, respecting the coherence of the initial planning. Your brand identity will never be more attractive!

Clients Include Leading Brands in the Technology, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods Industries

The multiplicity of areas in which this agency has worked makes it a high-level creative design agency. It has been proven that he can be entrusted with projects of various kinds, and in most cases he will be a sure success. Get in touch with them and discover how their services adapt perfectly to your requirements.

3. Arnold Worldwide

A creative digital agency like Arnorld Worldwide has a great capacity to develop storytelling strategies that give greater value to your content thanks to the credibility they have with clients. Learn more about the aspects that have placed it in the group of top creative agencies.

A Creative Agency That Is Known for Its Storytelling and Brand Development Work

A creative digital marketing agency like this one manages to develop a brand concept in an attractive way for the user, focusing on emotional aspects that give the brand a highly original and reliable image. The idea is that this work generates a greater number of leads by offering something more than a product: an experience.

Clients Include Progressive Insurance, Volkswagen, and Xfinity

The clients of this creative web design agency are highly recognized worldwide. One of them is the German automobile company Volkswagen, which has great weight on the world economy. With this experience, it is clear that this is an agency you can trust.

4. Hill Holliday

Hill Holliday is a creative advertising agency with great potential. Despite being a very young creative branding agency, it has already achieved a lot on a commercial level and that is why we highlight it. Below we will tell you a little more about their services and their ability to develop complex projects.

A Full-Service Advertising Agency That Creates Creative and Effective Campaigns for Brands of All Sizes

The idea of ​​this agency is to provide a service that covers each and every one of the important aspects of a marketing strategy. Their approach is completely creative, which is why they place great importance on generating quality articles.

Clients Include Dunkin’, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Verizon

Its great efficiency has led this agency to work with clients such as Verizon, a globally relevant company. At the same time, he had the opportunity to fulfill his ambitions with other prestigious brands that have left him a high-level resume.

5. MullenLowe U.S.

This is one of the top creative agencies on the east coast. His production rate is very high and he can take care of several accounts at the same time without having too many problems. His approach is focused on consumers and he is always interested in integrating campaigns.

A Full-Service Advertising Agency That Specializes in Creating Integrated Campaigns

This type of service generates coordinated work between the different areas. In this way, both the content creation area, the SEO team and the design creatives work together, guided by the same line. He has specialized in the creative and efficient work of advertising campaigns.

Clients Include Airbnb, American Express, and Google

By having big-name clients like Google, this digital marketing agency has become a more than trusted name on the East Coast. Their work has not been overlooked in any specialized site and their premium services are required by several companies in various fields.

6. 160over90

An agency of this type also deserves a special mention. It is an agency that knows how to handle data in an exceptional way and that is why it has earned a lot of respect within the world of digital marketing. At the same time, thanks to his specialized work, he has managed to work with renowned clients.

A Creative Agency That Is Known for Its Data-Driven and Performance-Marketing Work

Data driven is useful for developing effective marketing campaigns, as it allows you to manipulate data and model it. This helps generate strategies focused more precisely on specific audience segments. In turn, this action allows greater time savings and an improvement in conversion results.

Clients include Geico, Kraft Heinz, and Nike

Due to its high efficiency, 160over90 ranks sixth among our top creative agencies on the East Coast. It should be noted that he has worked with world-class companies, such as Nike. Their success stories never cease to amaze, as do their amazing results.

7. Huge

This agency seeks to have a global approach, approaching all cultures in a respectful manner. Its intention is to be a global agency that can work with brands and companies from all countries in the world. At the same time, its mission is to contribute to the growth of brands with innovative processes.

A Global Digital Transformation Agency That Helps Brands Innovate and Grow

Huge has the ability to help companies start their digital transformation process and then offer them a great digital marketing service. In this way, it offers comprehensive services that allow its clients to enter the digital world in an orderly manner.

Clients Include Google, McDonald’s, and Spotify

Clients such as Spotify confirm that Huge has worked seriously during its short years of history and has also achieved more than satisfactory results.

There is still one more agency to discover!

8. Deloitte Digital

This digital agency has the ability to implement highly effective marketing strategies that help better position a brand. Their work on SEO is different from that of other agencies and uses the best technology available to carry out transparent audits.

A Digital Agency That Helps Brands Create and Implement Digital Strategies

Thanks to its incredible SEO reports, Deloitte Digital generates keyword selections that are perfect for each brand they work with. They know how to perfectly detect the search intention of users and this ultimately helps to generate content that is attractive to them. The effect of this work is almost always the same: increased lead generation.

Clients Include Airbnb, BMW, and Coca-Cola

Deloitte Digital entered the select group of our top creative agencies thanks to its immense work in SEO positioning, but also for its spectacular resume.

We hope this note has been helpful to you!

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