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What is a Web Design Agency and How Does it Work?




November 16, 2022


If you have an ongoing business in 2022, you must have an online website. Think of it as a virtual place where customers can find your products and services, check on updates or get to know your brand. If you haven’t got one yet, we suggest you consult a web design agency.

If you don’t know where to start, web designers can help you get your business online in no time. Keep reading to find out how this kind of agency can boost your business.

What is the main task of a Web Design Agency?

A web design agency will workout your website from scratch if you desire so. It’s important that you set your brand’s driving concepts and ideas, so building the whole thing is an unfolding process. Remember, a website has design, images, text and code, so the order and organization of the information displayed is important.

What Is a Web Designer?

A web designer is an expert in website visuals and design. So they are usually creative and possess graphic design skills. But web designing is not only visual; in order to succeed, designers must know audiences and how they operate with different website sections. Interaction with the public is essential.

Here is where web design differs from web development. Development refers to the functions of the site, special features, applications that make your website fit and ready for operation.

Design means visual features like the color palette, the images chosen to impact the audience, and the whole layout. So a web designer is in charge of giving your website a specific look and feel.

The thing is, design and development are both crucial for building and launching a website. So if you are looking for a new site for your brand, the best thing you can do is hire a digital web agency that can manage both specialties as well as other important areas such as social media and digital marketing.


How to Start with a Web Design Agency

The first thing you will have to do in order to share your opinions and wishes with the designers is to meet them. A proper agency will arrange a phone call or video meeting, if not face to face reunion, to discuss the general objectives of the website and to know your personal thoughts. So if you’ve already scheduled a meeting, get this things prepared:

  • Establish your goals are for the site
  • Determine which your target audience is
  • Think of any specific features you want to include in the website
  • Give your opinion on the best approach to designing your site
  • Create a wireframe, or sketch the visual structure of your future website

If you haven’t got a wireframe, the agency will create one in order to place all of the elements that make up your site and give it a structure. This is essential for telling a story, communicating certain concepts and for giving a certain hierarchy to the information displayed. So it will work like the skeleton of your website, not precisely the final design.


Amongst the different experts that you can find at a web design agency, there are software development engineers that can code a site. Code is the language used to build your site from the backend, and will appear as a functioning website on the frontend (what appears on the user’s screen). So there are two sides to code; what the public sees, and what you see (and the developers, of course).


The best agencies will run a test of your site to make sure everything is in order before launching. The main goal in this part is to check that the website has good response and that there are no glitches that interfere with its proper functioning.

One kind of testing towards the public is A/B testing: it puts two different versions of your website in front of different people. Web designers will then monitor the results from each to find the elements that work best and bring upon interactions.

Should I choose a Web Design Agency or a Web Development Agency?

Actually, the best you can do is search for a web design agency that can take care of your site’s development. The good news is that there are more and more of these agencies every day.

Save precious time

Creating a website from scratch is a process that can end up being longer and more complex than what people expect. If you can hire an agency that can take care of the coding process and the whole development and design of your website, you will buy a lot of time.

The best is to have both engineers and designers in your same team, so that results come faster and your site is sooner online.

Get proper trust factors

What are trust factors? Web design professionals will make sure your website has specific features placed correctly so it looks trustworthy. This knowledge comes essentially from experience in web designing and from knowing how the audience thinks when entering a site.

These trust factors will ensure the reputation of your website. For example, some of them are: the Trust Seal in the checkout pages, the required policies at the right places on the website, contact information at suitable locations on the site.

Get a site with the best SEO practices!

It is important that your site maintains the best SEO practices so that Google favors it when positioning. The use of keywords, optimized text in titles and descriptions and impactful images can make a difference for your site and give it much more traffic.

No modern web design agency can ignore these techniques if what is sought is to give maximum visibility to the client.

How to Choose the best Web Design Agency

We know there are lots of options out there, so how do you choose the best web design agency?

  • Get your references from other businesses that have done well
  • Search for web designers on Google and pay attention to the first results that appear
  • Check out well designed, professional websites
  • Check online reviews of the web design agency that you want to hire.

Make sure the team you’re looking at is the right one for the job. Once you’ve found one that looks like a good match, get in touch with them for a quote! Don’t be afraid to reach out and contact experts.

At Rubik Web, we will be glad to work with you and create a thrilling website for your business!