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What is a Marketing Agency and How Does it Work?




November 16, 2022

When a company decides to implement a marketing strategy, much thought must be put into the whole plan before setting it in motion. Furthermore, the implementation phase also requires the insight of experts to fix potential hiccups on the fly. These are some of the reasons why you work with a marketing agency.

Nowadays, a digital web agency does much more than just marketing, with extended capabilities, tools and channels that can provide comprehensive solutions and a complete presence in the digital world.

How does a Marketing Agency work?

A marketing agency provides solutions in different areas of marketing for companies that want to increase sales, reputation or visibility. Sometimes, client’s wishes come with certain business objectives, which can be met with more straightforward and scalable strategies.

In the present day, these kinds of agencies integrate a broad range of tools and talents in order to place strategies and guarantee they succeed in each individual digital channel. This requires specialization and coordination from all of the teams involved.

What services can you get from a marketing agency?

A digital agency that designs marketing plans will bring your company solutions in three ways:

  • Detecting marketing opportunities that align with your business goals
  • Implementing marketing strategies and tactics to execute them in the most effective ways possible
  • Analyzing the data produced in the application of strategies to determine their performance

If you follow this pathway you will get a clear perspective of the challenges your business is facing, and will know what marketing actions most benefit your company.

What does a comprehensive marketing strategy look like?

A good marketing agency employs teams of specialized experts that will help you with all of the different marketing goals there are. For example, an all around marketing strategy designed by a digital agency will include:

  • Community management and enhanced presence in Social Media
  • Full SEO optimization focused on Google algorithms
  • Impactful and game changing web design and development
  • Whole branding renovation and creative options to display the brand’s identity and services through paid media

Other services that a digital agency can include are email marketing and content marketing strategies. Although it depends on each company, a serious agency should include at least most of the named solutions.

The process of a marketing agency

Each agency has its own operational guidelines, although some procedures have proven to be more successful than others in the digital marketing world. The best digital marketing agencies design plans that work from the core to the outside and put the focus on consumer behavior.

This is even stronger taking into account that the starting actions in a marketing strategy are usually directed to social media channels. Let’s see:

Content: Storytelling

First, a marketing agency must identify the brand’s essence. This is the core of a company’s visibility, and it should answer fundamental questions that consumers come across when they learn about your business: what are your principal values and why do I need to know them?

The next step is to understand the emotional benefits that a brand’s products and services produce on the client. This answers the question: what does it make me feel?

Then, a marketing agency should learn the extent of the functional benefits that a company provides, in order to communicate effectively and answer the next question: what do I need this for?

After this research and feedback process is done, it is much easier for a digital agency to develop a content strategy driven by storytelling. This strategy is usually implemented in the form of social media actions and editorial news.

Functional Technology

Here comes the part of redesigning the brand’s visibility structure to increase the impact on the audience and boost customer interactions. Take into consideration that a percentage of these interactions are converted to sales, so digital tools must be used in the most efficient of ways.

The process takes 5 different phases:

  1. Planning: with a timetable proposal and a risk analysis report of the new functions that can be put into place.
  2. Modeling: this phase is centered around the design of the digital strategy that a marketing agency can execute.
  3. Construction: Code testing, backend and frontend data implementation to test functionality.
  4. Render: the main proposal of a digital agency to enhance a brand’s marketing strategy with total operability of the different digital tools.
  5. Final Proposal: after the client’s feedback, an agency elaborates and delivers its final proposal with estimations on how and when the goals should be met.

Functional technology is aimed at boosting the client’s visibility and presence through its website, e-commerce and Apps.

Paid Media: Conversions

In this part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, experts focus not only on one particular conversion, but on many desired user actions. These sets of “small” actions let experts know if they’re on the right track with a specific audience. It isn’t about measuring just purchases anymore.

Other actions that might be relevant for a marketing agency in this order could be subscribing to an email newsletter, taking a webinar course or even leaving a comment on a content post.

Even if your brand is effectively getting traffic, you must differentiate where that traffic is coming from. It is not the same if users are reaching your content through a desktop, tablets, cellphones, search engines or social media platforms.

Marketing experts need to know what combination of actions will render the best band growth, and that is why conversions are worthy as metrics.

Lead Generation

As an example, lead generation is one of the main objectives in paid media. When an action produces a number of leads, it means there is interaction and interest. Leads can come in the form of an email, subscription or any other action that shows that a user is interested in what a company offers.

Of course, getting leads is not the final goal, but it is a micro-conversion that suggests there is a possible follow up or nurturing to get the purchase.

Learn it all from the best Digital Marketing Agency!

There is much more you can learn from a digital marketing agency, and certainly there are lots of actions you can implement within an all around marketing strategy. If you are searching for the most powerful ally to boost your conversions and sales in the digital world, you’ve come to the right place.

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