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10 Ways to help your website improve its conversion rate




July 12, 2023

The conversion rate is very important to confirm if your marketing strategy is achieving the goals you desire. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out audits that reveal what the real conversion metrics are. An analysis of this type allows you to reach the results you want.

In the following article, we will try to teach you the most relevant steps so that you can considerably improve this index, so important for the success of a campaign. Pay close attention and don’t miss any detail. It rarely happens that a digital agency offers so much free advice on marketing conversion rate.

1. Use more than 1 way to gain leads

What is the conversion rate in marketing? If you want the answer, you should know a few things. The first advice we want to give you is to use more than one strategy to win leads. This allows you to have more options, which is extremely prudent. If one of them fails, you will have the opportunity to win leads in another way. 

These are some methods you can apply to speed up your lead acquisition:

  • Improve your page speed: it is nothing less than the time it takes for your site to be displayed on the screen, and therefore it should not take too long.
  • Live chat: adding a live chat can be very beneficial to capture potential customers every time someone asks for your products.
  • Strong CTAs (Call to Action): find the most organic way to invite your leads to believe in your brand.

2. The more payment options you have, the more conversion you get 

This is a key point to understand the conversion rate in marketing. Users want to have a healthy shopping experience, which implies that they access a website that solves each of their pain points. Therefore, it is important to establish that the greater the number of payment options, the greater your number of leads will be.

To do this, you will need the team in charge of web design to take into account the basic precepts of user experience. In addition, your team must anticipate the users in finding the pain points that may exist in the payment options.

3. Use wisely your product profiles

The profile of a product is essential in order to know the perfect buyer persona for said product. This means that without specific information about the product or service you are trying to sell, it is practically impossible to capture a considerable number of leads.

Once you have all the necessary information to build a product profile, you must apply it in your strategy to generate adequate and coherent messages with the target audience of said product. Logically, this will increase your conversion rate.

4. Don’t forget A/B testing

There are many ways to increase your number of leads. For example, the email marketing conversion rate is more than acceptable. But we want to talk to you about a key test to do this job well: the A/B test.

This test consists of a multiplicity of experiments related to the style of a brand and its reception by the audience. The general idea is to try to identify what type of messages and colors work best when generating a creative campaign.

Several options must be tested to determine which one generates the best reactions from the audience.

5. Collect all the feedback from your customer

Increasing your conversion rate is hard work. Sometimes it is not only about creativity, but also about research and above all you must have an insatiable hunger for data. 

As you well know, social networks offer us a large amount of very valuable data to understand what their feelings and reactions are regarding the creative work generated by a marketing team. This feedback allows you to analyze what are the strong points and where are the errors of your campaign.

6. Remember to fill up your Google Business Profile

In order for your conversion rate to have positive numbers, it is very important to get verified in Google Business. But that’s not all, once you’ve been verified, you should keep your profile up to date. All the data is used so that the user knows what is necessary about your business and your products.

7. Let your customers give you their review and no matter how good or bad it is

The opinion of customers is essential in your mission to increase your conversion rate. Thanks to the positive and negative comments, you will be able to know what your client expects regarding your product or your website. In turn, it will give you more information about the buyer persona to whom your campaign is directed.

8. Always keep in mind your CRO

You cannot have a good conversion rate without a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) planner. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to analyze and develop the best strategy to increase your leads. It allows you to know how audits should be conducted to understand the needs of your creative team and those of your clients.

9. Make product refunds for your customers easy 

One aspect that can perfectly contribute to improving your conversion rate is quality customer service. Precisely, something that any customer will appreciate is receiving their refunds quickly and efficiently.

10. Be as close to your customer as possible, not just using a cold automatized chat

The generation of a real empathy with the client should always be taken into account when there is an intention to increase the conversion rate. Today, customers are looking for more than just automated or robotic responses. The chatbot must be identified with your product profile and must seek a positive connection with your customers.

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