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Types of Online Marketing | Online Marketing Agencies



January 5, 2021

Nowadays it is very important for any enterprise to stay at the top of the market. Therefore, marketing has become essential in the business field. Because of this the constant need for innovation, knowledge, and expertise makes evident the importance of online marketing agencies.

What is online marketing? It is one of the most important strategies used by online and digital marketing agencies around the world. AT Rubik Web we list the different types of this kind of communication so that you get to know more about it. 

E-Mail, Online Marketing

As we mentioned in other blogs, E-Mail Marketing is defined as an advertisement that is delivered by E-Mail. This communication technique is segmented and optimized to better suit a target market. The main kinds of  E-Mail Marketing campaigns used by online marketing agencies are:

  • Newsletter
  • Marketing Automation
  • Promotional Campaigns

Web Banners

A banner is one of the oldest and most known ways of doing online advertising. It is a promotional space located on web pages. They are meant to be shown on friendly and attractive pages so that customers can easily find them and look at them. Its main objective is to generate more traffic of users for the advertiser’s web page.

A web banner is an evolution of the traditional banner used by marketing or traditional advertising.

Social Media

Within many social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, there is a specialized platform called “Ads”. This is designed to create marketing campaigns and show advertisements. One of the reasons why online marketing agencies choose to advertise on social media is because of their popularity and the number of users that access them every day.

Ads in Blogs

Online advertising in blogs is done through sponsored posts or content storytelling, as well as images, link building, infographics, and videos that improve the brand positioning in search engines.


Have you ever clicked on a video and before anything you have to watch ads? Maybe even after the video. This is possible thanks to online marketing agencies that insert promotional videos on platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo. These promotional videos work the same way as banners. Marketing online in this way is one of the most known and utilized strategies in the digital world.

Short Message Service

Finally, Short Message Service or SMS for short. Although they may seem invasive, many companies choose to advertise via SMS, and it doesn’t let down when used properly. You can send a message with a link to your web page or app to promote your services or products.Contact us at Rubik Web, the number one online marketing agency, and learn about the different types of advertising we can provide for your company.